About John

Hello. I am a marketing consultant, musician and composer, and political commentator living in the Los Angeles area.

I grew up in Cleveland, OH, then attended college in Boston, lived there for a number of years, then moved to Los Angeles. I live there with my wife and children, in a section of L.A. called the "Foothills," which I love because while it is part of the big city, it has a small town feel and less traffic.

I am President of RealWebMarketing.net, a web design and Internet marketing company founded in 1999 and servicing clients all across the U.S. I have been involved in marketing for a wide variety of companies since 1989. I enjoy marketing in part because it has a strong creative element, which I get to exercize through designing web sites and blogs, and writing copy for client and their campaigns.

Prior to getting involved in marketing, I worked for several years as a full time musician, singer and composer in the New England area, after studying arranging and composition at world-famous Berklee College of Music in Boston. Click on the Music page and hear some of my original music compositions. I still play occasional music gigs in L.A. and work on original music in my home studio.

I have also been keenly interested in American politics over the years, and finally in 2003 I decided to get more actively involved in educating people on conservative political positions. At that time I founded CommonSenseGovernment.com, which features conservative political news, commentary, and resources. I also run two political blogs, Common Sense Government Blog, and Common Sense Government Views, which features posts by myself and several other authors.